Brands Get Disability Training Wrong.

Trainers without lived experience or acquired knowledge of Disability trying to educate others on what it means to be Disabled.

Inaccessible training content which only creates barriers leading to exclusion.

A medical model view of Disability teaches that Disabled People are a problem to be fixed. And a failure to educate beyond workplace adjustments/accommodations or legal responsibilities.

I partner with Brands to design and deliver bespoke training, emphasizing the social model of Disability.

This means a human-centric holistic learning experience that goes beyond the failed teachings of the past. Training delivered by an actual Disabled Person with a passion for partnering with Brands to unlearn ableism, take accountability for accessibility, and fostering inclusive accessible change.

Jamie speaking on a panel with other changemakers.

If you would like to discuss tailored training or something not listed, please reach out using the Calendly Link below, or if you prefer to send an email use the form below.

Training can be delivered virtually via your preferred platform (Teams, Zoom, etc.), with the option to record for internal use (sustainable resource).

Training can be pre-recorded and shared via file transfer. Each Training is recorded for a specific client, ensuring an authentic experience for your colleagues.

Training can be delivered in person. Please note that if outside Northern Ireland, an additional charge would be added to cover travel costs (Flight and Hotel).

If you have purchased multiple courses and opted for in-person training, please note sessions can be run across two days as a workshop. This option is also available for remote training options.

All training purchases include a yearly update. This means each year you receive an updated Training, at no extra cost.

Jamie speaking Infront of a pride flag with a BSL Interrupter

  • “Jamie is a brilliant trainer and this course is informative and engaging, with the added bonus of some humour along the way. Do yourself a favour, and join the Accessible Herd” Tracey Young - Kubrick Group
  • “What a great session it was! Jamie Shields you were a revelation - lots of great content shared. I feel much more confident now in how to make SWAD communications as accessible as possible. You have a knack for clarity, and a gift for illustration. Personally, I think your training would benefit every sector who has social media/visual content. I might be being a bit cheeky here, but I reckon your training should be a required part of every social media and 
PR/Marketing course in the UK”, Lorraine Stanley - SWAD
  • “A heartfelt thanks to Jamie for sharing his expertise and empowering us with the knowledge to be better allies.  Your passion for driving positive change is truly inspiring and really made an impact on our team.” Sensoteq
  • “Jamie delivered a great training; “Accountability for Accessibility" to our ERG. It was fantastic! We learned ways to create inclusive, accessible content online as well as the importance of removing any barriers that exist. We have received positive feedback from so many who were in attendance!! Great job Jamie! 
Thank you again!” Crystal Thaxton - Day & Zimmermann
  • “There were so many practical things you suggested that we can put into place right now while we plan how we can be more accessible. I’ll be following you on LinkedIn and I’m sure lots of our managers will too!” Big Life Group
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