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Hi, my name is Jamie.

I’m based in the not-so-sunny Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was born with a hereditary eye condition called Ocular Albinism with Nystagmus.

As an adult, I was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. I have worked for a large global recruitment firm for the past four years. Supporting both internal teams and clients in driving inclusive and accessible change. I am an award-winning Disability Employee Resource Group Lead, and I take immense pride in my role, fostering a sense of belonging for disabled individuals in the workplace.

Ocular Albinism with Nystagmus

Or in non-medical terms, I am the same as an albino, only with pigmentation and my eyes like to go for uncontrolled walks. I spent years being Disabled by society, and feeling there was something more. When I discovered I was ADHD and Autistic, it made sense. Like many Disabled individuals, I experienced internalised ableism most of my life. This created multiple challenges and impacted my mental health.

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It took 28 years of being Disabled and an Autism and ADHD diagnosis for me to finally learn:

“the problem wasn’t me, it is a society not designed for me and others like me…”

A society that Disables. A society that views Disability as a problem to solve, rather than part of the human experience. A society ingrained with ableism, so much so it’s ingrained in our language, our behaviours, and our beliefs. Today I share my lived experience to educate and act as a catalyst for change.

I create content inspired by my lived experiences to help educate individuals and brands about accessibility, ableism, and much more. I was incredibly proud to have been selected as

part of the first UK LinkedIn Creator Programme…

which amplified both my content and my voice. Today, I support individuals and brands in taking accountability for accessibility. I aim to help break the barriers that continue to disable me and many other diverse individuals across society.

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