What is Disabled by Society?

Jamie pointing at his jumper which reads Rhinos are just chubby unicorns.

Disabled by Society has been set up to help individuals and brands take accountability for accessibility.

My name is Jamie and I’m a self-described Registered Blind ADHD Rhino, (Rhinos are just chubby unicorns with bad eyesight, don’t believe me, google it). I’ve navigated a Disabling neurotypical society my whole life, a society that wasn’t designed for me and others like me.

I work with individuals and brands to create accessible, inclusive content/ cultures and/ or collaborate with them to deliver accessible, inclusive training around Disability Inclusion, ableism, and accessibility. Helping them tap into a wider diverse audience with a global spending power estimated at $13 trillion dollars, all whilst providing them with the knowledge of what it means to be Disabled by Society.

I want to continue to work with individuals and brands to help them take accountability for accessibility. To stop people like me from being Disabled by Society.

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