I don’t speak to be an inspiration.

I don’t want to be inspirational simply because I’m Disabled. When I speak, a part of me comes alive and I also feel hope. Hope that what I am sharing might make a difference, that it might be the reason an organisation or client leaves with the willingness to make a change. I don’t speak because I want to be someone’s Disabled inspiration porn.

I speak so that my past experiences might not be repeated. I speak in the hopes that somewhere in that audience is another person with their own lived experiences who hears what I have to say and thinks, “I want to speak up about my experiences too.” I speak so that it can inspire change, not to be an inspiration.


I am available to speak on a variety of topics. Please reach out if there is a certain topic you would like me to speak on but do not see listed.

  • “I am ecstatic that the Disabled Staff Forum at The Manchester Metropolitan University was able to host Jamie Shields today for an invited talk in celebration of Disability Pride Month! He is a brilliant (and fun!) speaker regardless, but his personal story is exactly the kind of message everyone needs to hear – an honest reflection on the trials and triumphs disabled people can experience in school, employment, and within our own families. He touched on exclusion, internalised ableism, systemic inaccessibility… but also belonging, 
activism, and pride!’ Lykara Ryder – The Manchester Metropolitan University
  • “There were so many practical things you suggested that we can put into place right now while we plan how we can be more accessible. I’ll be following you on LinkedIn and I’m sure lots of our managers will too!” Big Life Group
  • “We just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for an amazing summit yesterday! You really smashed it out of the park and the delegates were really feeling the love for JAM! The whole team here is still full of joy and we know that delegates will be feeling the same way.” NHS Employers

Catch-up with my past speaking on YouTube

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