Adjustments/ Accommodations – What are they? Graphic – Download Only

Adjustments/ Accommodations – What are they? Graphic – Download Only



Poster Description: The title reads, “What People think Adjustments Accommodations are:” Below are four answers with clipart. 1. Unfair Advantage – stick person holding scales which lean to one side. 2. Privilege – stick person pointing. 3. Financial Burden – stick person whose head is now a calculator. 4. Special Treatment – stick person with an arm around another. The subheading text reads, “What they actually are:” Below 9 answers with clipart. 1. Tools & Measures – stick person walking on three gears. 2. Opportunity – stick person with head replaced with lightbulb. 3. Inclusion – stick person standing on a hand. 4. Empowerment – stick person wheelchair user with arms in the air. 5. Equity – stick person holding scales that are in perfect balance. 6. Productivity – stick person head replaced with gear clogs. 7. Access – stick person at a computer desk. 8. Support – stick person helping another up onto a stand. 9. Legal Requirement – stick person judge.


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