Ableism Looks Like

Ableism Looks Like



Product Description: The title reads, “Ableism Looks Like”. Around the graphic there are fifteen statements with stick people clipart, they read: 1. Inequitable Healthcare – clipart of a person lying in bed with a doctor standing beside them. 2. Barriers to Employment – clipart of a person holding a large magnifier. 3. Segregation in Education – clipart of a person pointing as a child walk away in that direction. 4. Discrimination – clipart of a person holding scales. 5. Stereotypes – clipart of a stick person representing skeletal dysplasia, as requested by a connection. 6. Structural Barriers – clipart of a person pushing a building up. 7. Assuming Our Capabilities – clipart of a person whispering to another person. 8. Social Exclusion – clipart of a stick person being rejected by a group. 9. Viewing Disability as a Burden – clipart of a wheelchair user holding money bags up. 10. Inaccessibility Online – clipart of a person screaming at a computer. 11. Internalised – clipart of a person looking in the mirror. 12. Outdated Language – a person putting their fingers in their ears. 13. Bias – clipart of a person with a service dog. 14. Inaccessible Travel – clipart of a plane. 15. Attitudes and Behaviour – person walking with support from a cane.


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